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Phi Lift Patient Testimonials

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Natural looking, amazing results

“I am in my early 40’s and was looking for an overall improvement to my facial contours including tightening of the neck area. I wasn’t prepared to undergo a procedure such as lifting or minilift and was concerned about achieving a natural look. After meeting Dr. De Silva and obtaining his assessment and recommendation regarding the Phi-lift, I decided to go ahead with the procedure. I must say I am both delighted and nicely surprised with the results. The laxity issue on my neck has been significantly improved (I would say a 90% improvement) and the overall result is natural looking, enhancing the natural angles and shape of my face. Without any doubt I would recommend the Phi-Lift to anyone who is not yet prepared for a more invasive procedure yet would like to achieve fantastic results. Thank you Dr. De Silva for a nicely done job.”

Phi Lift Review

“I had the Phi-Lift in November and I’m extremely pleased with the results. I was nervous about anaesthetic as I am allergic. People have not noticed I’ve had anything done but have commented on how much fresh faced I look, which is what I wanted, I didn’t want to look different or younger just less tired which Dr. has achieved brilliantly.”

Phi Lift PLUS Review

“I had a lower blepharoplasty with Phi-Lift plus. The biggest concern is how safe are you in the hands of a surgeon. The step by step consultation puts you at ease from the friendly reception, the consultation secretary and nurse attending the procedure. The skills are second to none. I have no hesitation to recommend anyone going to him. He is very reassuring and makes the whole procedure pleasant. I am very pleased with the outcome of my procedure.”

Phi-Lift Review

“I had been looking very tired for a long time and had wanted to have my eyebags removed but was very frightened. I was able to go home very soon after the procedure. I am very pleased with the results, and have no scars due to the procedure. The experience was extremely professional, answered all my questions, and was very thorough in the aftercare provided post treatment. I would definitely recommend him.”

Phi-Lift Review

“I would like to try to express my great appreciation for the care that I received. I didnă»t suffer any bruising whatsoever, which, to this day, I still find truly amazing! The results of the procedure have changed my life! I feel better about myself and have more confidence than I have in years. I only wish I had come to them sooner. They really do have a fantastic bedside manner, and I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for me!”

Phi Lift PLUS Review

“I had Phi lift plus 10 weeks ago the results are great. Everything about the procedure and healing time was exactly as he said it would be, I do not look my any longer I look at least 10 years younger.”

Phi-Lift Review

“Just like to say a massive thank you. I am so pleased with the results. It’s not even been 3 weeks since my procedure and is healed very well. Everybody looked after me so well and made me feel so comfortable from day one of having my consultation to the end of the surgery. I still have another appointment to attend which I think is in a few weeks. I’m looking forward to seeing the before andafter shots. It has given me so much confidence, thank you :)”