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Phi Lift PLUS London, UK

Phi-Lift PLUS is our combined Skin Rejuvenation and Enhanced Recovery Technology that offers a rejuvenation of your skin in combination with Phi-Lift techniques. The combination of refreshing your skin using the latest in medical Bio-Therapytechnology to heal your skin faster is our signature technique.

Skin acquires damage in the form of lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and dark spots, increased pore size. The Phi-Lift PLUS techniques includes a two-stage technique, the first uses a high powered skin resurfacing to rejuvenate your skin, the second part uses the latest in high-technology, termed PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) to heal your skin faster.

Platelet Rich Plasma, also known as PRP, has been widely used by professional athletes to enhance recovery after injury, reduce downtime by a natural means. The technology utilises your body’s own natural reparative growth factors to enhance natural reparative mechanisms that already exist in your own body.With the latest high-technology treatments to achieve natural looking results and fast recovery.

Surgical skin resurfacing includes deeper peels and laser resurfacing, these can result in quite powerful rejuvenation of your skin, however have a recovery time of 1-2 weeks.

The Phi-Lift PLUS procedure takes between 45 to 60minutes to complete and provides result by 1-week which continue to improve for 6-months after treatment. The treatment lasts over 1 year, depending on the product used and lifestyle including sun exposure. The Phi-LiftPLUS is suitable for male and female patients.

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  • Lunchtime procedure
  • Non-Invasive Procedure
  • No general anaesthetic, No scar, No stitches
  • High Powered Combination Peel Skin Resurfacing
  • High-Tech Biotherapy: PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

What to expect following treatment:

  • Rapid Rejuvenation in quality of skin over 1-week
  • Temporary redness and swelling for 1-week
  • Occasional bruising
  • Accelerated recovery over 1-week
  • Return to professional activities at 1-week
  • Travel overseas at 1-week

See our Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Phi-Lift PLUS work?

The procedure has two-stage technique, the first is the skin resurfacing stage and the second the skin healing stage. There are no surgery, no scars and no general anaesthesia is required.

The skin resurfacingstagecauses a series of events of healing in the skin, which cause younger fresher skin to come through replacing the older skin. The healed skin has a new surface coat of skin, and increased collagen and elastin production that has less lines, wrinkles and pigmentation that the pre-treated skin. Skin resurfacing uses a moderate strength combination peel (combination of Peeling agents) to stimulate new skin production.

The skin healing stage utilises PRP treatment, after removing a small amount of patient’s blood, the blood is then processed by a double-spinning patented machine to concentrate the PRP and Growth Factor constituents. The components are then processed to isolate a growth factor concentrate and PRP concentrate that when re-applied to the face, these stimulates the body’s Own Repair Mechanisms, accelerating healing and recovery.

The technology remains at the forefront of innovation, Stem Cell Technology utilises your own specialised stem cells that are able to enhance natural healing, they are able to completely regenerate damaged parts of the body in specific areas and offer potential to revolutionize the treatment of medical conditions in the future.

What are side effects to Phi-Lift?

The Phi-Lift PLUS is a safe technique.
There can be some swelling and redness for 1-week after the treatment, occasionally bruising can occur.

Please note the Phi-Lift technology may not be suitable for all patients, please notify your doctor if you are currently pregnant or breast feeding.

Skin rejuvenation is a treatment that is influenced by your natural skin type and ethnicity. Darker skin types have a higher degree of risk of delayed healing, and darkening of your skin and all treatments need to be tailored to your individual skin.

If you had an active skin infection including a cold sore (Herpes Simplex Viral infection) it is important to notify your doctor. Particularly for deeper skin resurfacing techniques it may be necessary to take antibiotics or anti-viral medications as a preventative measure.

What Should I avoid Before and After the treatment?

Before treatment depending on your skin type it may be necessary to use cosmeceutical products that reduce inflammation include tretinoin and hydroquinone. In addition depending on the type of skin resurfacing your clinician may prescribe antibiotics or anti-viral medications as a preventative measure.

After treatment it is important to stay out of the sun for a minimum of one month and up to six months depending on your skin type and treatment, this is important to ensure the best possible result.

How long will skin resurfacing last?

How long skin resurfacing lasts is influenced by your ethnicity and lifestyle. The treatments will last for a minimum of 1-year, depending on your lifestyle and relative sun exposure longer than this. Marked sun exposure will result in reduced longevity of the treatment as they will encourage further injury of your skin.