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About Phi Lift, London UK

Phi-Lift non-surgical facelift

The Phi-Lift was developed by London Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. De Silva after more than a decade of specializing in facial surgery, combining his understanding of Facial Beauty and artistry with State-of-the Art Technology. Dr. De Silva only specializes in facial cosmetic and plastic surgery, allowing him to perfect his craft and ensure quality treatment and results. He is also one of just a handful of elite surgeons to be recognized with both European and American qualifications and memberships.

Our center also has a very serious safety first principal and only use the highest quality of non-surgical products (Tested and approved in the most rigorous medical system in the USA, termed FDA Approval) and the highest quality of treatments. We utilize the latest cutting edge in World-Wide Technology (including equipment from USA, Germany, Japan & Switzerland) to minimize discomfort and bruising and speed up recovery. We only use equipment and technology that has undergone rigorous scientific testing to validate its effectiveness and quality of care.

Only Specialist Facial Surgeons treat our patient’s face and neck areas and all treatments are by doctors, specialized in face and neck only. Unlike many practitioners, we are able to offer non-surgical treatments and surgical alternatives, providing the full range of cosmetic facial plastic techniques.

All procedures are completed in a facility that is a CQC Registered Centre (Care Quality Commission), which is regarded as the UK Gold Standard in Quality of care. This ensures that you are receiving treatment from a facial specialist with the highest quality technology and treatments and in the highest quality facility.

Our Facial Specialists are recognized teachers and professors in Facial Cosmetic Procedures and regularly Teach and Train other clinicians at National and International Conferences. We are considered to be at the forefront of promoting World Class Quality of Care and Good Working Practice Setting the Standards in patient safety within the cosmetic surgery industry. Dr. De Silva has lived up to this standard by making several meaningful contributions to surgical advancement including completing over 30 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters and leading several innovations including pioneering research into the use of laser technology and stitch-less tissue adhesives.

The Centre specializes in Facial Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery and has a name renowned for Cosmetic Non-Surgical & Surgical Facelifts. Known for creating the most beautiful and sophisticated faces and pushing the boundaries of cosmetic perfection, The Centre has established unique Signature techniques with attention to the finest detail that is identified and admired all over the world. Dr. De Silva has also developed innovative techniques to match the needs of his patients, such as rapid recovery and low downtime procedures. The Phi-Lift™ non-surgical facelift and Phi-Lift PLUS™ are two such techniques that are not available at other clinics or facilities.

All Phi-Lift procedures are completed at our offices in West London and Central London. The Centre has the latest advanced medical and surgical equipment, as well as full CQC (Care Quality Commission) hospital grade certification. Dr. De Silva believes that procedures on the face should be in accordance with harmony and balance which requires artistic interpretation of beauty to result in natural looking results. He has had a passion for art for many years with paintings submitted for exhibitions at the National Portrait Gallery and Royal Academy of Arts. His art is also displayed in his West and Central London offices for his patients’ enjoyment.

If you are not able to have an appointment straight away we ask you to have patience as any facial cosmetic surgery should be carefully considered, tailored towards you without rushing. All of our treatments are provided by specialized surgeons who only complete facial cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures with full accreditation with the General Medical Council. Computer imaging may also be used in consultation to understand the patient’s desires better, which is critical to ensure the happiness of the patient.

Dr. De Silva delivers high quality, natural results not only due to his technical innovations and enthusiasm for success, but also because of his artistic understanding of the human anatomy, his obsessive attention to detail and his genuine care for his patients. We continually innovate to provide patients with the latest in technology and advancement with a focus on artistry and customizing each treatment for the individual patient.

In addition to his continued contributions to the medical field, Dr. De Silva also supports philanthropy medical care. He has worked across the globe in four continents and continues to actively support less fortunate communities that would otherwise have little or no access to such high-quality medical care.

Location & Directions

The Centre for Advanced Facial Cosmetic Surgery is conveniently located care in West London in Hammersmith. This practice is highly accessible by car, underground (subway), train and bus. Located in the heart of Hammersmith is within 5 minutes walk of an NCP car park and three main underground train lines and the main bus station.



There is convenient off-street car parking outside The Centre. The most accessible road to Hammersmith is the Great West Road (A4), take the exit for the Hammersmith Roundabout. Take the High Street Exit, called King Street (A315), drive past the pedestrianised Lyric Square on your right, take the next available right turn at Cambridge Road (After the Seraphine Hotel). Turn right onto Glenthorne Road (A315) and continue Straight after the pedestrian crossing, note that most traffic will turn right back towards the Hammersmith Roundabout. Turn left at this T-junction onto Hammersmith Grove the practice is on the left hand side of the road after approximately 1/2 km. There is convenient off-street parking in the immediate vicinity of The Centre. Please see the map on the right.


The Centre is highly accessible by Underground (Tube, Subway) and is a few minutes walk from Hammersmith Underground Station. There are three different Underground lines that go to Hammersmith, including the Piccadilly, District and Hammersmith & City Lines. Please use the following link to plan your journey: Transport For London Journey Planner

Public Transport (Including Bus)

Hammersmith has a Central Bus Station that is a few minutes walk from The Centre. Please use the following link to plan your journey: Transport For London Journey Planner

Domestic & International Flights:

Please read this page before arranging an appointment: Out of Town Patients

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The Golden Ratio & Phi-Lift

Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio has been used by artists and architects for over 2000 years to proportion works for enhancing beauty and proportion. Research led to a human archetype can be mapped mathematically to a Facial Mask based on the Golden Ratio (1:1.62). We have modified the mask to use the Golden Ratio for augmentation and beautification of the face.

Golden Ratio

Within the shape of the Golden Decagon Matrix, forty-two secondary golden decagon matrices, each smaller than the Primary by a multiple of the Golden Ratio. These have been overlaid on the human face, and when the extra lines removed, the resulting image gives rise to a Mask, composed of line segments and shapes that relate to each other through the Golden or Divine Proportion (1:1.62). The Golden Ratio Mask has been superimposed onto photographs of people regarded as the top models, most beautiful women and handsome men.

Critics of the proportional rules of Thirds and Fifths, and The Golden Ratio Mask highlight a bias towards European Caucasian Faces and that there is no absolute universal mask for beauty as some faces regarded as attractive do not fit the mask. Brad Pitt, is considered to by many a handsome man, has characteristics that include a prominent jaw and lengthened chin that fall outside the parameters the Golden Ratio Mask. Woman’s beauty is often enhanced by facial movement and adds to attractiveness. Men, often have less expression on facial movement and rely more on their physical traits such as prominent jaw. Symmetry and proportion are more attractive than distinct or stand-out features, demonstrated by caricatures. Variations from the perceived norm can be attractive, as long as the variations fall along the lines of femininity in women and masculinity in men.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Phi-Lift take?

face grid image

The entire procedure takes less than 1-hour. The patient can immediately resume their daily activities after the procedure. There is a small chance <5% of minor bruising.

How long is the recovery aft Phi-Lift?

There recovery is the same day after the Phi-Lift procedure. No time is required off work and you can return to work after the procedure is completed.

There may be slight tenderness, swelling andmild bruising may rarely occur for up to 5- days. We advise to refrain from exercise for 1-week, most daily activities can be resumed to same day as the procedure.

Does the Phi-Lift results differ from patient to patient?

The Phi-Lift procedure is specific to each individual patient. The Phi-mask is used to . As he closely studies the facial structure of each patient, he customizes the procedure so that it accents their specific features.

How is the Phi-Lift different from a traditional facelift?

The Phi-Lift uses advances in technology and our artistic understanding of the face and have made it possible to undergo non-invasive procedures that can mirror the results of traditional facelifts. Patients enjoy similar results without the unwelcoming post-operative effects, such as facial discomfort and extensive healing time.

Is the Phi-Lift suitable for everyone?

The Phi-Lift is not suitable for every patient, if there is marked facial ageing in your neck although the treatment will improve your appearance it may not be the best solution for you.

Can the effects of the Phi-Lift procedure be reversed?

Yes, the Phi-Lift has an antidote and is one of few cosmetic procedures that is completely reversible.

How long to the effects of the Y LIFT® last?

The Phi-Lift lasts between 1-3 years, depending on the type of product used and the rate it metabolizes within the body. A professional athlete with high metabolic rate will metabolise the treatment faster. The treatment may be enhanced with periodic touch-ups are recommended to maintain the effects of the procedure.

May I have the Phi-LIFT procedure done the same day as my consultation?

Since the Phi-Lift is minimally invasive, no investigations or further tests are required. Most patients elect to have the procedure done the same day as their consultation. We follow-up all patients after the procedure to ensure the treatment has delivered its optimal effect. A follow up is not required and is up to the patient to attend. We do our best to accommodate the needs of our traveling patients.

Where can I get the Y LIFT® and who does the procedure?

The Phi-Lift is a signature technique that is currently only completed at The Centre in Central & West London, UK.

Non-surgical treatments have been the largest innovation and break through in cosmetic surgery over the past decade. Without undergoing surgery, your face can be rejuvenated and improved with relatively fast recovery and natural looking results. Our surgeon practiced facial cosmetic surgery for over ten year before developing a series of non-surgical treatments that by definition avoid undergoing surgery and therefore have a rapid recovery and short downtime.

Why have your Non-Surgical Treatments with us?

We specialise in ONLY Facial Treatments and only use the highest quality of non-surgical products and the highest quality of treatments (All products are FDA approved). Only specialist facial surgeons treat our patient’s face and neck areas, all treatments are by doctors, specialised in both surgery and non-surgical treatments in the face and neck only.

The nature of the cosmetic industry in the UK is a relative absence of regulation and many clinicians and non-clinicians are administering non-surgical treatments. Unfortunately some of the current practitioners have not undergone specific training in the underlying anatomy of the face and we have provided revision treatments for many ongoing patients.

All procedures are completed in a Facility that is a CQC registered centre (Care Quality Commission), which is regarded as the Gold Standard in Quality of care. This ensures that you are having a facial specialist who is skilled in surgery and non-surgical treatments (able to advise you on what can be effectively treated non-surgically), with the highest quality technology and treatments and in the highest quality Facility.

What is the Cost of Treatment?

The cost of treatment is indicated by the cost of the product, complexity and time to administer treatment and follow-up time required. Our treatments are a Premium quality product and service.

All our treatments are given by a specialist Facial Specialist Plastic Surgeon.

All the products and equipment we utilise has been approved in the most regulated and safe health care system in the World, as approved by the FDA.

All our treatments are administered in a CQC (Care Quality Commission) Approved Facility with focus on high Safety and World Class quality of care.

No treatments are administered by nursing staff, or doctors not specialising in surgery as well as non-surgical treatments.

  • All initial consultations are £225, the cost is redeemable against undergoing treatment.
  • The cost of Phi-Lift is from £3,500
  • The Cost of Phi-Lift PLUS is from £3,500
  • The cost of Phi-SPECIFIC Lift (including Phi-Eye Lift, Phi-Chin and Phi-Jawline, Phi-Lift and Phi-Nose treatments are from £1,500)